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Vibe Cycle

This is one of our favourites at Jigsaw Fitness and we have a studio dedicated just for Vibe Cycle! Don’t Just Ride…Feel the Vibe! Vibe Cycle is a great fun workout, everyone can ride a bike! Each participant is in total control of their own resistance level. It is a fantastic way of getting fit and burning plenty of calories! If it’s your first time, come along and enjoy the fun! We recommend the first few times that you just enjoy the music, get used to the bikes and the rhythm, sit down when you need to and build up that energy each week! You will love it! Once you have been a few times you will really start to FEEL THE VIBE… get lost in the music and you will enjoy every session…. First timers where trainers with a firm base… once you start coming regularly we recommend bike shoes which our instructors will let you know about and they will also help you with bike set up and positions and moves on the bike, enjoy!

Upcoming Vibe Cycle Classes

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